Sushi and Sun Salutations

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His poetry. Her heart. A connection as deep as the sea.

Kip’s biggest decision most days is whether or not to wear a shirt. Until he runs into Tessa—or rather, she collapses on him in a yoga class—then the SoCal native’s biggest decision becomes how willing he is to complicate his life for a beautiful girl.

Kip has his secrets and Tessa has her hope. As their friendship deepens, pasts are revealed and hearts are exposed. The intensity of their connection becomes more real than anything they’ve ever known.

But Kip has secrets for a reason.

Will that reason come between them?

Sushi and Sun Salutations is book 2 in the Soaring Bird series but can be read as a standalone.
PG17 for language, mild heat, awkwardness, and unexpected moments of personal bravery.
Prepare yourself for feelings.