Like the Back of My Halo

Image of Like the Back of My Halo

Book 1 in the Soaring Bird series

Sometimes you just have to ride the wave you're given.

Brady Samson wouldn't say he's lived a charmed life. His brother, Bo? Now that's a different story. For the most part, Brady just wants to surf, eat, and surf some more. Nothing feels quite like the freedom of being out on the open water, chasing one more perfect break. He missed his chance at the last woman he was interested in. Now, he's content riding solo. His entire world exists in the curl.

Until Lo Fredericks.

Lo is fearless, funny, mysterious, and one of the best athletes Brady has ever met. Her passion for surfing rivals his own and Brady finds himself intoxicated by her thirst to learn and inability to back down.

It doesn't hurt that her kisses are outrageously perfect as well.

Lo only needs three things in life to be happy: sunshine, surf, and tacos. Then Brady Samson crashes into her life and takes her on an adventure so addicting and so inspiring, it turns her dreams on their head.

They travel the globe on a dare with only passports and surfboards — a journey of discovery about their sport, themselves, and each other.

Two wild spirits. One wild ride. Can they hold on to the end?

PG16 for language and light heat.